Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recorder Song Demo on YouTube

I used this song with my new recorder students this week and it worked very well. On day one, you're doing good to keep your students from blowing too hard (I like the "cool-off-your-soup-without-splattering" metaphor) and helping them understand the concept of covering the holes all the way ("Are you making bubbles on your fingertips?"). Learning notes and playing songs is a bonus.

I had heard about songs that were written with very few notes - say, A and B for example - and simple rhythms for new players, but (and here's the key) with fun background tracks to play along with. I loved the idea immediately and, being a composer, wanted to write some of my own. Thus came "Spanish Blade" (and some others that incorporate other cultures for cross-curriculum purposes), which I want to share with other music teachers. It worked GREAT in my music room this week. 4th graders were playing A and B in a full song within 30 minutes of picking up their instruments for the first time.

I made a demonstration video (thank you,!) that I hope helps other teachers see what I mean. Fun stuff!

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