Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tempo Run – a fast-paced multi-media game teaching note naming skills for Elementary Music

Tempo Run - a fun way to develop note-naming skills

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Our music room has transformed into another world!  And in this world, the skill of naming notes on the treble clef staff is a life-or-death necessity.  (For us, it has to do with an ancient building with a magic xylophone which, when played, calls out musical monkeys singing horribly at high volumes to chase students whose only hope is rapid note-naming…but whatever works…)

“Tempo Run” is a game using a PowerPoint show projected on a screen.  Students typically participate one at a time, attempting to name the notes on the staff quickly as they flash up on the screen.  Fast-paced drum-heavy music plays as students play through five levels with increasing difficulty.

When a student beats a level (naming all notes correctly), his or her name goes on the victory wall for that level – bragging rights abound!  Students have quickly taken to the game and are eager for more.  Note naming is fun!

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